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Useful wedding tips for a weed-free garden

weed-free garden

Follow these useful weeding tips for a weed-free garden, which will help keep your garden clean and tidy while storing your plants. You.

Here are some awesome herb ideas that you can follow

1. Weed when wet. Pour water into your garden, it moistens the soil and you can easily uproot the roots of these pesky plants.

2. Do not let the weed mature until it has repaired its roots and sheds its seeds. Pull the plant upwards with a root ball and if you do not have time to weed, cut the plants and pluck the flowers.

3. Labor-free weeding trick Cover the weeds with plastic, rug, or mat for two to four weeks. It does two things: the plants die in the dark (not the sun) or in the heat.

4. Instead of weeding all day, weed your garden for five to ten minutes every day instead of suffering from back pain next week. It is good to wander around the sidewalks and pull up when we see weeds.

5. Picking weeds that grow in sidewalks and cracks in sidewalks is always difficult. To kill, pour boiling water over them.

6. Be careful when you dig a spot as the seeds of weeds are dormant under the garden soil. Do not overfill your soil if you do not.

7. If you can not get rid of hard weeds, give a dose of a simple solution vinegar; It acts as a weed killer.

8. To remove weeds from small gaps in the sidewalk, you can weed a hook-shaped wire. They are readily available for a few dollars at garden centers. Another simple hack, finding some large forks and steak knives.

9. Using herbicides is also a good way to maintain weeds. Because they penetrate only a few centimeters into the soil, the weeds that germinate in the top layer die instantly.

10. When growing plants, take care not to leave too much space between them. Putting plants together does not allow weeds to grow and causes them to suffocate.

11. Cover the weeds using cardboard or newspapers. This way, they will not get wind and sun to thrive and will die in no time.

Weed control tips

1. When planting a bed in the garden, take care not to leave too much space between the plants. Tight garden beds control weeds.

2. Mulch as much as you can. This will help retain moisture and prevent weeds from growing in your garden. To make the best mulch, spread the newspaper on the ground and cover it with a 2-inch layer of compost and leaves.

3. Do not throw the weeds in the compost heap if the temperature is not above 120F which is sufficient to destroy the weed seeds.

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