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10 Eye-catching Lilac Varieties That Will Scent Your Garden

 10 Eye-catching Lilac Varieties 

When looking for lilacs (Syringa spp.) to add to your garden, you have hundreds of varieties to choose from. To help you narrow down the list, all of these selections have eye-catching and wonderfully fragrant flowers that will scent the air in spring.

1. Angel White

In addition to their powerful scent, the pure white flower clusters of 'Angel White' pink have an almost frothy appearance. This variety performs best in warm winter areas; Many lilacs don't bloom in the South, but 'Angel White' doesn't need the winter chills that other lilacs do. With a heavenly scent to match its visual appeal, this variety works well in hedges, screens or as an accent in your landscape.

2. Beauty of Moscow

Pink, pearly 'Beauty of Moscow' lilac (also sold as 'Krasavitsa Moskvi') buds open into beautiful double white flowers with a strong fragrance. It is a large plant that grows almost like a tree, so 'Beauty of Moscow' needs occasional pruning to keep it under control.

3. Congo

An heirloom variety from the 1890s, 'Congo' produces deep wine-red flowers that are as fragrant as they are beautiful. Its flowers start out red and turn purple in late spring. Bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies also love this classic variety, so it's a must to add to the pollinator garden.

4. Lavender Lady

The strongly scented flowers of 'Lavender Lady' grow in large clusters of a soft shade of purple (as you might expect from its name). It blooms in any part of the country, even without winter cold. You can fit this variety into a drought-tolerant garden plan because it can tolerate moderate, intermittent droughts.

5. Maiden's Blush

This unique selection, developed in Canada, is extra hardy and produces large, round flower clusters (almost like a hydrangea) in candy pink. 'Maiden's Blush' has very fragrant flowers that have distinct cinnamon tones and usually blooms a week or two earlier than other common varieties. Prune it only after flowering to avoid removing any of the current season's flowers.

6. President Gravy

Another classic favorite, 'President Gravy' offers pale blue-purple and wonderfully scented double flowers. Its heart-shaped, green leaves are slightly bluish, making the foliage extra attractive even after the flowers have faded.

7. President Lincoln

Noted for the blueness of its flowers, 'President Lincoln' is a fast grower with large clusters of fragrant flowers. It has a history of being a popular choice in presidential gardens. Introduced in 1916, the variety was named after Abraham Lincoln.

8. Primrose

If you like pink, not pink, try 'Primrose'. The flowers of this award-winning shrub are pale, creamy yellow and white. As the plants age, the flowers turn a deep yellow. Its exceptionally fragrant flowers are wonderful in a floral arrangement.

9. Sensation

Although not as fragrant as other lilacs, 'Sensation' still has a sweet scent, but its bicolor flowers are its winning feature. Its purple flowers are distinctly white. Even when not in bloom, this fast-growing shrub is still vibrant with its lush and dark green heart-shaped leaves.

10. Tinkerbelle

Dwarf lilac 'Tinkerbell' is smaller in size than other varieties, but its flowers are not inferior. Its compact branches allow it to squeeze even into small gardens and containers. The flowers are an unusual hot pink color that stands out against the wine-red buds. This variety has a distinct aroma that is more spicy than sweet.

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